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Manchester is the cancer capital of England. Death rates from the disease are higher than anywhere else in the country.

There are many reasons for this such as poor lifestyles and people going to see their GP too late. But one thing is certain: this is a situation which cannot carry on.

Unless this current generation starts to take stock, this sorry picture could get even worse.

Fortunately, thanks to pioneering work at places like the Christie, treatments are getting better and survival rates are improving all the time. But the best cure of all has to be to not get the disease in the first place and there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.

Healthy Living

Be Aware

Checking for Breast Cancer

Checking for Testicular Cancer

Manchester v Cancer On Film  //

The Concert

Those who attended can't have missed the busy Great Northern Production film crew running about the place capturing all the all star cast. We are doing our best to make sure you can all see this as soon as possible. 


Great Northern Productions had a smaller more intimate crew film with Mick Rock and his entourage for three days prior to the concert where he visited some of the artists in their rehearsals for the big day (you can see some of the shots from this at the exhibition).

In addition he visited the Christie hospital with staff and patients where he took some time out to see what an amazing job they are doing there. He took the opportunity to get some wonderful photos of the people who make the difference.

On the day we had a room set up backstage for Mick to do the portraits you can currently see in the exhibition. This is where Micks larger than life character came into it's element and history was made.

It was also very, very, very funny. Watch this space...

View crowd shots of the concert

View behind the scenes footage

World First at Manchester v Cancer Concert //

You all witnessed a world first you know... and we aren't talking about the artist collaberations (although they were all mindblowing).

World First at Manchester v Cancer Concert

Manchester v Cancer was the time EVER to use brand spanking new technology captured the performances using the cutting-edge Nikon D2X digital camera and then sent the images via a wireless network to the vision mixing console in the MEN Arena. Images were then edited on the fly and sent as content feed to the lighting production crew who interpolated the stills in the video and lighting mix for the performances.

The audience took part in the action by texting the word ROCK to a short code which then generated a WAP push text message to handsets linking directly to an online thumbnail gallery with pictures of each artist.

The images captured by Mick Rock at the event were made available to download as souvenir wallpaper images at £1.50 which contributed mobile revenue to the charity.

Mobile Pics Still Available...

Check out to see the pictures which are still available.