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Manchester is the cancer capital of England. Death rates from the disease are higher than anywhere else in the country.

There are many reasons for this such as poor lifestyles and people going to see their GP too late. But one thing is certain: this is a situation which cannot carry on.

Unless this current generation starts to take stock, this sorry picture could get even worse.

Fortunately, thanks to pioneering work at places like the Christie, treatments are getting better and survival rates are improving all the time. But the best cure of all has to be to not get the disease in the first place and there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.

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Checking for Breast Cancer

Checking for Testicular Cancer

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The collection of one off signed prints taken by Mick Rock exclusively at the concert were available to see for the first and last time ever at Vox Pop in Manchester.

Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Domino Bones were among those who came down on the opening night to enjoy the only time these will appear in the same room. Bands are in the process of signing them ready for the auction.

Mick Rock

Mick Rock has created some of the most seminal images of rock and roll. From Queen to Bowie via Syd Barrett, Blondie and Iggy Pop, everyone has seen some of his photographs, in fact most of us have them in our record collection.

He was given free reign to follow all of our bands in the build up to the concert and has taken some fantastic and unique shots. Be that Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr rehearsing together for the first time in almost two decades or Doves, Johnny, Andy and Bernard Sumner playing together.

He also captured the atmosphere on the night with some stunning pictures of the bands on stage. And now you can own a one off, signed print of some of Manchester's greatest bands, by a true legend.

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Text "Rock" to 80876 to get Mick's photos on your mobile.

Mick RockMore on Mick Rock

We'll be having an exhibition of the works shortly after the concert and an auction will follow to help raise more cash. "Mick is a true gent!" said Andy Rourke, "We originally spoke to him about coming to do this ages ago, probably within a week of thinking the concert up and he was very positive from the outset"..."He's taken some of the most amazing rock shots I've ever seen and it's a total coup to have him shooting this, Mick is as rock and roll as they come".

Mick became friends with Syd Barrett whilst at Cambridge University in the late 60's and went on to befriend David Bowie in his capacity as a Roling Stones photo journalist at the start of Bowie's Ziggy era incarnation. Most of the memorable images of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust were shot by Mick Rock in his capacity as official photographer for the tours.

Rock was instrumental in creating many other key rock n roll images such as album covers for Syd Barrett's 'The Madcap Laughs', Lou Reed's 'Transformer' and 'Coney Island Baby', Iggy and the Stooges' 'Raw Power', Queen's 'Queen II' (recreated for their classic music video of 'Bohemian Rhapsody') and 'Sheer Heart Attack', the Ramones 'End of the Century' and Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock n Roll'.  He pioneered video walls on Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Heart Tour in 75/6 and was chief photographer on the films 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and recently 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. He produced and directed the seminal music videos for Bowie 'John, I'm Only Dancing', 'Jean Genie', 'Space Oddity', and 'Life On Mars'.

He has a vast archive of seminal images and in recent years has published a series of books re-examining these. Mick's recent retrospective exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography was dubbed 'one of the finest collections of pop art to ever reach these shores' by the Japanese press.  Mick Rock's enthusiasm for his art has remained undimmed and he has continued to capture the musical spirit of succeeding eras through his work with musicians of the 1980's and 90's and the new millennium.