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Manchester is the cancer capital of England. Death rates from the disease are higher than anywhere else in the country.

There are many reasons for this such as poor lifestyles and people going to see their GP too late. But one thing is certain: this is a situation which cannot carry on.

Unless this current generation starts to take stock, this sorry picture could get even worse.

Fortunately, thanks to pioneering work at places like the Christie, treatments are getting better and survival rates are improving all the time. But the best cure of all has to be to not get the disease in the first place and there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.

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Checking for Testicular Cancer

Manchester v Cancer 06 After Show  //

On a previous trip to Sweden Andy Rourke met up with all girl band Soak The Sin and worked with them on their new album "The Work Is Done!".

They were so good we invited them over to perform at the aftershow for Manchester v Cancer held at the citys established Hard Rock Cafe. It was their debut in the UK and the 300 strong guests were treated to a great set.

To finish the bill Puressence took to the stage and threw out some of their classic anthems which has given them success and a hardcore fanbase to boot. It was the perfect send off to a great evening.

Special thanks to all the DJ's on the night and Hard Rock Cafe for putting on a spectacular show.

"It was great to be involved in Manchester v Cancer, best bands in the world from the best city in the world , playin' for free - shoulder to shoulder fighting a common enemy" – Puressence

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